About us


Améthyste, active in the software industry since 1990, develops and markets decision support tools for risk management in industrial environments. Our teams are specialized in the development and implementation of high added value metier solutions.

Our experience in the management of asset integrity and prevention of operational risks is recognized through 92 industrial sites we fitted in 27 countries.

Our core business, Asset Integrity Management and Inspection / Maintenance based on risk is built on nearly 18 years alongside majors Oil & Gas to implement their risk management strategy. It is this expertise that we can now put to the service of all industry players.

The strategic objectives address the increasing complexity of operating conditions, have to be combined with the concerns of environmental and productivity, putting Améthyste's solutions at the heart of an industrial corporate risk governance

Our consulting business and publishing software allow us to create, deploy and manage projects with an international dimension. Our management team, issued from software engineering business, and our engineers have the experience to assist you in the development and success of your business projects

Microsoft partner for several years, Améthyste® has a strong expertise in the design of collaborative software platform. NET SHAREPOINT