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RBI API 581 modules

API 581: Pressure System, AST, Pressure Relief Device

The RBI API 581 modules allow the implementation of RBI API 581 Recommended Practice for Pressure Vessel and Piping (RBI Pressure System® module), Atmospheric Storage Tanks (RBI Atmospheric Storage Tank® module) and Pressure Relief Devices (RBI Pressure Relief Device® module) to achieve a long-term inspection strategy adapted to the targeted asset.   

Damage assessment

  • Screening of more than 60 potential damages triggered by design, process conditions and fluid
  • Assessment result audit capacities for full understanding and transparency.
API 581 specificities in the RBI Atmospheric Storage Tank® module:

Addition of:

It is to be noted that Tank Roofs are not taken into account in the API 581, but can be managed in the software (scheduling, HSE & Integrity,...).

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