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About Améthyste

Risk management is our DNA

Améthyste is a 30 years old Independent Software Vendor specialized in Asset Integrity Management digital platforms for complex industries. 

Our aim: helping clients reconcile their safety, availability and performance goals with their operational, environmental and human risks for profitable smarter and safer operations.

Our solution: powerful expert decision-aid systems for Smart Inspection & Maintenance strategies

And because risk control is in our DNA, our solutions are 100% developed in France by our internal team and validated by independent third parties. This ensures maximum cybersecurity and compliance levels.

Améthyste: Risk management software


The fascinating technical challenges we thrive on and the 120 references we capitalize on in different industries allow us to be recognized as experts in turning customer risk management guidelines into software


Our work philosophy is based on three pillars: the perfect team, the perfect network and continued learning
Our carefully crafted development team works hand in hand with our highly qualified technological and business partners to transform ambitious projects into state-of-the-art software based on the latest high-performing technologies

Améthyste: Vision - Mission - Values

Help industrials focus their efforts, time and money where it truly matters

Make state-of-the-art software for a better future

Continue Learning
Be Bold
Promote Equality, Integrity and Environment Protection

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