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RBI API 581 modules

API 581: Pressure System, Atmospheric Storage Tank, Pressure Relief Device

The RBI API 581 modules allow the implementation of the RBI API 581 Recommended Practice for Pressure Vessels and Piping (RBI Pressure System® module), Atmospheric Storage Tanks (RBI Atmospheric Storage Tank® module) and Pressure Relief Devices (RBI Pressure Relief Device® module) to achieve a long-term fully optimized inspection strategy adapted to the targeted asset and its precise operating conditions.   

Damage assessment

  • Screening of 74 potential damages triggered by the design, process conditions and fluids described by the user
  • Assessment result audit capacities with algorithm display for full understanding, transparency and knowledge transmission.
RBI API 581 modules: Algorythm

API 581 specificities in the RBI Atmospheric Storage Tank® module:

Addition of the following functionalities:

It is to be noted that Tank Roofs are not taken into account in the API 581, but can be managed in the software (tasks, scheduling, HSE & Integrity,...).

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