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Améthyste by your side

360° Services

Améthyste offers a wide custom-made panel of associated services to make sure you benefit from the very best of our software from quick installation, quality software training to an experienced technical support

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Quick & easy installation

Améthyste’s software installation is performed by our expert team with the assistance of the client’s IT team in remote control when it is possible or on site when requested.

  • On Premise, installation is managed by Améthyste and the client’s IT team. The client’s IT team is in charge of defining the targeted infrastructure, the back-up strategy and the deployment process. The client provides licenses to third party products (operating systems, databases…) for the server. 
  • In the Cloud, installation is managed by Améthyste. The client’s IT team assisted by Améthyste’s support team is in charge of the connection of the users with the server provided by Améthyste.

To be noted: the software is strictly identical between On Premise and Cloud options. 


We help you get started with our solutions and accompany you deeper in order to empower your teams in maximizing your benefits

  • Améthyste shall delegate one experienced trainer to teach your team with extended practice..
  • Training is delivered in small teams of maximum 8 attendees to ensure training quality and performance and target each of your specific needs. 
  • The training is built around the AI Digital Platform® - the core frame of the solution, followed by specialized courses based on user profiles and module configurations chosen by the customer. 
  • Améthyste is the only certified entity authorized to deliver orKsoft® training. Only people who have been trained by Améthyste are allowed to access to the support service.  

Easy Integration

We integrate into your IT architecture thanks to our software’s great flexibility.  

  • Integration with your SMTP server, SQLServer cluster, VMWare infrastructure, HyperV infrastructure is standard.
  • Connection to most common EAM, CMMS, CAD, Process Historian and EDMS systems for synchronization is available.

Maintenance & Support

You will be assisted by our highly skilled in-house technical team that has the full product expertise needed to answer your questions and get your issues solved as this team is also in charge of the software development.

  • Améthyste services come with unlimited access to our support 
  • To ensure quick and efficient solutions, we provide one-on-one mail and phone-based (Platinium only) support  
  • To make sure that your operations will effectively run at the best of its capacity, our technical support is accessible through 2 service levels proposing different access times: Premium: 5/7 – 8/24 (French business hours and days) or Platinium: 7/7 – 24/24 
  • We release monthly versions & updates of the software, each proposing new functionalities that you may benefit from based on client feedback or new market demands.


We can adapt our solutions to your needs thanks to the agility of the Modeling Studio®, our risk assessment module designer:

  •  Améthyste’s solutions are developed embedding the most recognized risk assessment Recommended Practices that we can adapt to your specific operating conditions. 
  • Specific risk assessment modules can be developed according to the customer’s own methodology and feedback.

Cloud Computing Hosting

 Améthyste works with partners recognized for their high levels of cybersecurity to offer secure cloud hosting solutions  

  • The Cloud Computing Hosting option includes the server, the database and the necessary server licenses (Windows Server, SQLServer…) 
  • The full interfacing process with the server infrastructure, the maintenance and the back-up plan are managed by Améthyste.   

Change Management Support

Thanks to our powerful network of experts associated to the structured deployment approach of our digital platforms, Améthyste can assist you in the implementation of an efficient Asset Integrity Management Strategy. The methodology allows your team to improve their way of managing risk and to turn it into an efficient management process.

The objective of this set of workshops is to:

  • Capture the essential elements that will build an AIM approach shared by all within the company, 
  • Present typical successful AIM approaches developed in major companies, 
  • Identify the practical inputs required to achieve the goal of minimizing the risk of incidents and accidents. Understand the essential role of evaluating risk in a consistent manner, 
  • Focus on delivered information to senior management and stakeholders.